Times tables

As a young girl growing up in Grenada, we had to learn the multiplication tables.  I always liked math but memory was not my strongest suit.  I remember vividly taking the exercise book and turning it around to study or cram those tables.

At the back of those books there were measurements of all kind and from time to time we were required to know them also e.g. How many fluid ounces was in a pint, and many other measurements.  But now of those was as bothersome to me as the “times tables”.  Just keeping in mind that if you don’t know them, your science career may be off the table.

you needed to know those tables so that you can do multiplication and continue along to higher math, calculus and life.  I did eventually conquered my aversion and fear and was able to master the tables and recite them when called upon to do so at school.


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