Murder in my community

Saturday morning brought a somber realization that murder can happen anywhere. The radio was bleating the news, as my husband likes to have it, but I was not paying much attention, but the words triple homocide in Hempstead caught my attention.


I snatched up my iPad and entered “triple homocide Hempstead” what came up shocked me to my soul, not only was the deaths in Hempstead, but very close to my home.

Three women were killed and one escaped.  Now I cannot wait to hear why so I started to conjur up my own script.  It must be a love triangle, an elicit affair, drugs, whatever.

Later that evening, my husband went outside and down the block to see where these murders occurred and called me to let me know that it was only a block away from our home.

The police tape still encircled the block which included the home, lots of network news vans and spectators who pulled up chairs as though this was a spectator sport.

the gruesome details finally surfaced.  A son who was angry with his mother for locking him out of the house, returned with a hammer, killing his mother, sister and a friend who was visiting.  Another friend escaped and neighbors called the police.

What a tragedy, a whole family wiped out, because now the killer is locked up, his family is dead, the community is shaken, and I am awaiting the full story on OWN or 20/20.  Yes it can happen near to you.



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