wonder days

Like Jonah, I do have those days.  After returning from the hospital, I am getting better and growing stronger daily, then Sunday happens.  Last Sunday I got up felling great.  I exercised a little and then spent sometime with in the word.


Got dressed and went to church.  I enjoyed the service and was glad to be with my sisters and brothers, but on leaving, I had to get out .  With my compromised immune system, I had to get out of there.

I returned home after some small shopping for dinner.  At home, I decided to have brunch with my daughter, and would you know it, we ate some leftover Chinese food.  could you imagine it? on a Sunday no less.

Made dinner and was feeling a little tired so I had to lie down.  Hours later I awoke with a slight headache, but was game enough for dinner.  Ate and then took 2 Aleve tablets and got ready for bed.

I suppose I can take this since the cancer is gone, and only what remains, is a bit of tiredness and body ache.  I suppose that was one of those days.


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