Multiple Myeloma – the transplant

I packed my two small suitcases and waited for my daughter to bring them out to the uber awaiting us.  The drive in was smooth and all I could think about was the procedure ahead of me.  We took the elevator to admissions where I spent the next 5 hours sitting.  Someone screwed up and I was not processed until I started to make some noise.

Finally I was taken to my room.  Because it was so late, I had the night off, or so I thought.  Every 4 hours, someone came in to take my vitals.  The next day, I had to have a cartheter in my neck.  The procedure is a simple one which I had done in the harvesting, but this one was not as I remembered.  My luck I had a intern who had the lead role.  It was somewhat painful and felt awkward.  Now it was off to x-Ray.

I was brought up to my room and less than an hour, I was back in the operating room.  The explanation was creative, the x-Ray showed that the line wane ended to be inserted deeper.  This time I had a more experienced doctor guiding another, and the procedure was not painful.  After the x-Ray, I was back in my room.

Early next day I was given the chemo drugs which would wipe out my whole immune system, and eventually lose my hair.  Because I was not drinking enough water, I was also given intravenous fluids.

I started drawing and painting to fill the time.  Did I talk about the food.  Well we all know that hospital food is notoriously bad, but I still thought that I could hack it.  I was wrong.  Most of the time I was hungry because I was on a low microbial diet, so there was precious little I could eat.

There was another step, the transplant,  this took only 30 minutes.  Now it is a waiting game.  My counts dropped as was expected.  I was a model patient.  A couple of days and the count dropped to 0.3 and still dropping.

the expectation was 3 weeks, but in 2 weeks my counts were at a level that I could go home.  Thanks be to God, I am going home, weak but excited.  My daughter picked me up and brought me HOME!

Have to see the doctor later this week, so my saga will continue.



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