Travel to Portugal

Landed in Porto with my daughter after stopping in Valencia airport. There was a light mist and trying to negotiate the train to get to our hotel, I thought I had made the wrong choice in picking Portugal.

Finally we boarded the train with bags and suitcases in tact together with many other weary travelers. The train travel seemed endless, when my daughter said get ready it’s the next stop. Excitement was rising only to be dashed when the train doors opened. I had this grandiose idea in my head, and this scene was not part of it.

My daughter chose a bed and breakfast (B&B) which we could not find and would not hail a taxi. We decided to have lunch and then try to find this place. Lunch was good and the rest even better and we were fueled up to climb Porto’s many hills.

The B&B was a quaint place with a lovely and amicable hostess. Later that night we took an uber to a restaurant by the water’s edge which began my love of Portugal’s food and beautiful sites.

We spent five beautiful days enjoying food and museums because the shopping scene was not great but very expensive also. Now it is off to Lisbon

Lisbon was also beautiful, but the shopping scene was much better. We returned to Porto after spending three days and getting food poison at one of it’s many restaurant’s.

The trip home was bittersweet. I was glad to be going home, but I vow to visit Portugal again and have my fill of the wine, food, people and the many other provinces that we did not visit.

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