Harvesting my stem cell

It was a cold rainy day on Tuesday November 15th. My daughter and I gathered our suitcases and loaded them into the car oping that nothing was forgotten in our hast. While driving to the city and pumped up with the drugs Neupogen 2 shots totaling 780 meg and Mozodil 24 mg, I had an unfortunate physical accident. This slowed us down with our timing to get to Mt Sinai hospital.

I was lucky that the doctors decided to still give me the catheter . Because of my tiny veins, I had to have the catheter placed in my neck. The operation was done with local anesthesia . I felt pressure but not pain.

In the harvesting center, the nurses were all professional and kind. I had to be harvested for a number of hours hooked up to the machine with no bathroom breaks.

All in all, the count needed was 15 million, by day 2, I had 16.9 million. This was not a simple procedure, but I was moinitored for vital signs and at one time , my potassium was low. They added it via the IV.

We stayed at a hotel in the city because I did not want to drive back and forth to my home. Now my stem cells are stored if I need them in the future. Every patient is different, and I am blessed that I don’t have many of the symptoms associated with this multiple myeloma, such as bone pain, swelling of the joints, weakness and a whole host of other malaise.

Next time I will update you on my doctor’s appointment, after the harvesting. God is good and we all have to trust Him. Bye for now

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