It’s Just Simple

It could be confusing, do I love you more than I love myself. Sometimes I wonder, because when it comes to my children I love them with wild abandonment. When they are wrong I correct them but all is forgotten so fast. I practice a new love everyday, I think of them, I pray for them and wish them well.

I do love myself too and do not forget to treat myself when necessary. I take time to love the world and on a daily basis I pray that this world and its people will for some moments just forget the color barrier and look deep inside and see that we are all one people created by God.

Our elections are coming up and there are so many decisive issues and rhetoric that it is difficult to follow and know who one should vote for. I do wish that we remember that it is one Republic and let the people come together for the greater good.

I am confused, because we all are human beings and want the best for our family and our country. Love conquers all, let us be remember that and live the life to the fullest embracing everyone. We can only have a strong nation when everyone is gainfully employed, and happy.

Let’s throw ourselves into being the best we can be for self, family and country. No more confused moves, only wholesome constructive moves. Love and Live.


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