Our Greatness within

I am obsessed with living a clean and productive life. Everyday I think of what I can do to bring pleasure to the people around me and what joy it brings to me.

Some months ago I started Knitting and crocheting a number of bay hats, gloves, dresses and gloves. My daughter thought it was a hint of some kind, but I quickly reassured her that this was something to keep my mind on task.

This month I started using a kettle bell. Trying out new moves, also strengthening the bones that this MM will do its best to weaken. Exercising has always brought me peace and contentment, even though I don’t go very hard at it. I am obsessed with feeling well and doing what I can to extend my life.

We can all be obsessed with something, helping others, volunteering, walking, running, thinking, painting. This list can go on and on. Another obsession is travelling. I am trying the Orient this next fall so excited. I will try to have some pictures to share. Just hold on.

Obsession can also be a bad word, if for some reason we keep our minds on non productive things. So my friends, lets try hard at getting obsessed on great things change our surroundings and our lives and bring out the greatness that is buried deep within us.


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