As drama goes

The word always make me think of a cast of characters, for example Shakesparess plays. Life has its vissiscitudes, but I would not say that it is dramatic. Day by day I plan as I go along. Because of this new occurrence of the multiple myeloma, I have to see what my mind-body feels like from day to day.

So far, so good, a little tired sometimes, but mostly tired of well-intentioned people asking how are you feeling? I really want to say “to be left alone”, but I know it’s not cool. They would not expect such a dramatic answer.

Today was one such day, it’s Sunday and I go to church, but I could not face people today so I stayed home and listened to TV evangelists. Today will truly be a day of rest. I don’t have central air do it is this fan recirculating it’s warm air or my basement that is cool and needs no fans.

Is this dramatic enough for you. Some would see the drama in this because they are on the outside looking in. But when life gives you lemons, cut them up and make lemonade ice tea . I happen to love it!


One thought on “As drama goes

  1. I believe that many ‘dramas’ are indeed self-created, though that’s not to say that we don’t get dealt some crummy situations. I like your positive attitude…


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