Is it a desert or a sanctuary?

You are my hiding place, these are the words that come to mind when I see the word sanctuary. We all need that place to go home to where no one judges you, where you can relax and get comfortable. Life is sometimes a series of ups and downs, and if there is no home, no comfort, no safety, then we will be on a perpetual merry go round.

I like to get up early and clear my head. Most mornings I wake up to reflections where the TV has my sites and written scriptures, the only thing is that I have to keep awake to read them. I lie quietly in my own sanctuary, taking in the sites and marveling at the beautiful places that are in the US and sometimes other countries.

What a wonderful world we have, with many places to come home to. Be at one with family, nature, life, people and things. This is my center, my all in all. One with my God and the people He has laced in my life for one reason or the other.

Peace, quiet, love, laughter and God. My idea of compete rest in my sanctuary.


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