Free to float

Jellyfish, connotes the image of pain if you are stung by one while swimming, but just look how carefree and effortless they glide through the water. Going any which way they choose. How good will it be to float about in the waters of the Caribbean, and just forget all my cares just for a day.

I could almost feel the warm ocean breezes just gliding over me and the sun burning down from the clear skies. Children running up and down the beaches and skipping through the surf that comes to the shores.

As a child, our family used to gather us all on a Sunday with lots of drinks, food and fruits and head to Grand Anse Beach. We would play all day, coming in for a bite to eat. We gathered almonds and sea grapes and just had wonderful fun, those were the carefree days.

Now, I keep these images in my mind and whenever the stress gets too great, I go through my humble beginnings back in the Caribbean.


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