Yesterday, tomorrow and whenever

Yesterday was a hectic day, both my husband and I had our treatments slated for this day. We piled into the car and got as comfortable as we can, each encouraging the other. I must let you know that I am the optimist and he is the opposite. He started saying “I don’t want to do this again.” My question to him was what is the alternative? What “this is” is a second round of chemo treatment. This went on for longer than we expected thus cutting into my time for my treatment.

We left the center and instead of going home, we went directly to my treatment which was a little roads ahead and a much shorter production. But as luck would have it, we didn’t eat a breakfast and we were both finished about 4:30 pm. By now we are both exhausted and hungry. I pulled into a Dunkin Donuts to get some goodies until we got home.

I looked around us, with the music blearing over the speaker and the ease and peace of rest and respite, and I was thankful. I asked him do we have anything like this back home, meaning Grenada. We always go back and forth calling Grenada home, it is our birthplace. “There is no place like home..” Underneath this veiled question there was an implicit idea that if we were not here, what treatment would we have received.

We must always look to the tomorrows, the yesterday and the forevers to get the whole picture. We live and take in stride what ever comes our way. Life is a series on ups and downs and roundabouts also, and I will go with the flow, holding on for dear life and trusting in the God who knows all the answers.

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