This intricate floor

After getting up this ancient ruin, all I saw was dust and rubble.  Looking over the landscape to the east was the Dead Sea, and desert for miles around.  That was awesome, but I still looked at my daughter questioning what’s the purpose.

Most of the tourist from my bus was excited because they probably did their homework and read up about Masada.  No I am not slow, my daughter kept this as a secret, a surprise because she knew I loved ruins.

We followed our guide who was a spry man about 70 years but skipped up and down the ruins as though he was 50 or less years.  He was excited and animated , whipping us all up…”come along, hurry up..”.  I was up the mountain with no fast food shops, no vending machines so I followed the packs.

We went into different rooms, and to see the level of advancement as heating and cooling rooms, wells, and other conveniences that one would never expect in the 1st Century in which it is estimated to be built.

Then I stepped into this room and saw that tiled floor.  This was unpredictable and I then became alive again. If Isaw just this flooring in the whole pile of ruins and of course, the landscape, that tour would have worth the drive and the innane conversations on the tour bus.

We have to keep looking for the unpredictable around every corner and inside every hole.  You may never know what treasure is stored in there.  Look around, be inquisitive, follow your dreams.  Seek after the unpredictable.


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