The Mouse Who Came to Visit


Google has a definition of a guest, One who is invited for a visit, a dinner …

Apparently this little mouse did not comprehend that definition.  It was about a year ago my daughter said her brother whispered to her that he saw a mouse.  Why was this top secret? Because we live in the burbs, and mouse only live in apartments in that part of town.

I forgot about the sighting until a week later my daughter said she saw the mouse herself.  Now that that half of the inhabitants of the home confirmed the presence of our house guest, the hit was on.  We had to catch or kill our guest without letting my husband know.

i went to Walmart, because if you need anything, that’s the place to go.  I bought three types of rat traps.  Sticky paper, rat trap and something like a mouse motel.  Every morning I get up looking at the traps, but there was no mouse.

This guest was busy each night.  He left me little presents.  On my kitchen table, on the stove, my formal dinning table all over my fruit basket.  I became a cleaning demon, I used all types of disinfection, so that my family will not get some disease from our unwanted guest.

The man we were hiding the secret from saw the mouse himself and went out and bought rat baits himself.  Now we has dueling rat traps everywhere .  There were traps on the dishwasher, under the stove, everywhere the family thought that mouse will be.

After a week or two we had no luck in catching that mouse.  When I was losing hope and was trying to accept this rodent as an invited guest, I heard some squeals from the kitchen.  I asked my dome if he heard the sound, he told me the sound came for a door hinge in need of grease.  I listened silently, the squeals grew a little louder, so I followed the sounds.

As I pulled out the dishwasher , there on the sticky trap was out “Most Wanted” guest.  Every move he made, got him stuck even more.  Finally my two weeks of torture was over.  What a relief.  Now someone need to bag him and get him outside.  That task was relegated to my son.

Now this is the story of “The  Mouse Who Came To Visit”.  Hope you liked my story.


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