A Long Road Ahead

This is not the renowned book, The Odyssey, but, I will tell you about my journey.  I sat with my husband for two years as he received chemotherapy .  His regime was one week  for four hours and alternate week for two hours.  As he went in and out of sleeping.  I know my previously strong husband who watched his diet and took no pills for his sixty nine years, was asking why me.  These chemo drugs blackened his face and his nails.  Grew his facial hairs tha he looked like a mountain man.  He lost his taste for food, which was already a small a mount, even babies ate more than he did.

Three months ago, we got the results of the Pet scan.  There was no sign of cancer.  We were exhilarated, I told my friends and church folk.  He all rejoiced with him.  Two weeks after this great news, he had massive pains in his back.  We went to the hospital emergency , our team of doctors, x-rays and MRI.  The diagnoses came back he had two herniated discs and he had to have an operation.  All the while staying by his side, being the mother, the wife, and the nurseHe was in the hospital for two weeks and six weeks in a rehabilition center becaus he could not walk.

All this point, I was still singing Loretta Lynn’s sound, ” Stand by your Man”. We can do this.  During this time, I went for my physical, and I too was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone.  This disease mainly affects black men over the age of 50, I was told.  But surprise, suprise, it also afflicts people from the African diaspora.  Did I mention tha last week after another Pet scan, the cancer re-surfaced.

I have started taking chemo myself, and yesterday was the first day of the treatment.  Needless to say I went to the doctor’s office feeling like a million dollars, and wok up the wee hours of the morning , feeling as a penny farthing.  This is my cross roads, with a long road ahead.


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