Today will be my first treatment for multiple myeloma .  The journey continues , and 5 months after the diagnoses I will finally start the treatment.  So far I had some steroids, lots of water, added lots of greens, exercise with weight training, and faith in my God, Jehovah Rapha.


I am feeling great because I believe that I am the healed of the Lord.Come with me today, first I will go to work , then a meeting at Headquarters.  Later.

It was good to be in Manhattan, I just love ” to look at the pretty people”.  The bustling, taxi cabs jostling for lane space, people crossing the street whilst reading their cell phones.  All this is a recipe for danger and chaos  which was more so by the blocking off of streets.  OMG what a headache, but I love it as long as I am not the driver.

Survived the city, now driving out to Mt Sinai to get my first chemo treatment.  First I had to wait, then take blood and vital signs.  Results were passable.  What do you expect, I am stress out, fearful and whatever other feelings.  The nurse came over and try to be as bubbly as she can.  “Nurse, how long does this take”. .. “Not long 15 minutes”. Feeling good, she pops her head back in “I am wrong it takes 30 minutes”. I am still feeling good.

The experience was not bad.  I am suffering a little tingling, perhaps nerves, but nonetheless , I drove home and ate dinner by myself.  Blogging now and then I have to take the last tablet.

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