This one word conjured images of a vacation I had in Italy with my then young family in 2002.  On the third leg of our trip to Venice.  From the train we took a fast boat to the island.  We were so excited that even the boat trip was exhilarating.  The kids were excited and it took all I had to keep them at my side.  We eventually landed and our hotel was only yards away from the dock.

Our day trip was to the island of Murano.  The family boarded another small boat, this trip was a little less excited until we ended up in the Murano glass factory. There we saw and met with artisans who created beautiful vases and colorful works of art.

One of the artisans started with the stick of glass and created two horses for my young kids. These they guarded fiercely through out the trip. As we landed at JFK, everyone rushed to their suitcases. On opening them, only one of the glass horses survived the crossing, though a little battered, it is still on my mantle place to this day.


3 thoughts on “Murano

  1. I love murano 🙂 you find it anywhere in Italy, so unique! I found murano jewelry in Kotorr, Montenegro and also in my home country Albania. The best of it is that my Post pic for today’s daily prompt is also a murano piece 😀

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