Just moving along

Yesterday I drove to Huntington to get an MRI.  No one told me what to expect.  This machine was a giant mini tunnel for one.  The technician was as friendly and accommodating as could be, but this  slightly claustrophobic woman was nervous.

Strapped into the machine, and all ready to go.  The instrument started with this phenomenol noise as a 747 getting ready for flight.  After a few moments, the table moves forward and the noise is deafening, even above the headphones and music blearring.

to get through this I closed my eyes and concentrated on the instructions from the technician.  All I was thinking about is getting the instructions right and holding the breaths as long as is necessary because I did not want a do over.

I had the strangest experience, during this time, I felt as though I was transported to the seashore with the most beautiful sunrise I have seen.  I know we all use differing imagery to get through some experience or the other.

Now it’s over, but let’s not forget that this is part of my journey with multiple myeloma, and this is my invitation to you to experience it with me.

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