I was awaken early this morning and could not fall asleep again, I suppose this is a first because those who know me, know that I am a sleepaholic.  Yes it is perhaps a new word I coined, but sleeping is a passion with me.  I found myself looking and reading the verses on “Reflections”, but it was still very early in the morning.  I sent texts to my children encouraging them, but alas I am still wide awake.  Finally, I said God what do you want me to do?  So I knelt at my couch and began to pray, At that moment I truly realized that God answers prayers.

As I thumb through my marked and tattered bible, I see some underlined verses that I haven’t read for a minute.  Here is one such passage “…May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble… May He send you help from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion” psalm 20: 1-2. The psalm goes on to say “… May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose.” 20-4.  This psalm encouraged me immensely and I hope it does you.

Think good thoughts, give glory to the risen Lord, follow your heart and above all believe.  God has never promised us smooth sailing, but He commands the wind, He speaks in that still small voice.  Be still  and know that I am Lord.  My God is “I am- Yahew”. We spoke the world into existence and He is still ever present.  I trust Him and I am resting in Him confidently and peacefully.

No I didn’t go back to sleep, but I feel rested and re-assured that He has me in the palm of His hand and I am the apple of His eye.  His mercies endure forever.  Praise the Lord!


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