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Today is July 4th and like all good Americans I went after the green.  By green I do not mean the mountains of Vermont, but the almighty dollar.  I went to work instead of finding a barbecue or preparing for one.

I felt great and somewhat in control, I am in America the land of the free, and that means free choice.   I love the freedom that is all American, but I am somewhat disquieted by the recklessness that is being exhibited all in the name of freedom.  We are really our brother’s keeper.  Let us all take time and put ourselves in each other’s shoes.

The question should be how do I want to be treated?  am I extending the same courtesy to everyone ?  Let’s just forget color, ethnicity and any other barriers.  Make the effort to unify this beautiful country.  Let us lift the Stars and Stripes unfurled, with love and purpose for a unified America.

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