πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·The day before…

The day before July 4th not a peep was heard from my neighbors. This makes me worried, because I am thinking, if the barbecue is not today, then it is tomorrow or not ever. I was never big on barbecuing myself, but I love to be invited to backyard parties. Over the years I attend less and less of these parties, not that I am anti American, but they became to pedestrian and ho hum. Not withstanding my thoughts and feelings, I do enjoy seeing the neighbors preparing the Barbie, the many friends and families milling around and the mix of music billowing from the different yards. It’s the celebration of Independence Day on Long Island, but as I say there is not a peep to be heard.

So I have to create my own celebrations, let’s begin. Since it’s Sunday I went to church, listened intently to the pastor, and thank God for another day. I came back, did a little shopping and then prepared breakfast for my family. My family or what is left of it do not like “West Indian” food, but today on America.’s Independence, I was craving a true Grenadian breaststroke, how ironic. So you’re ready? Cod fish souse was on my menu. I made the souse with cucumbers, avocado, watercress, tomatoes and virgin olive oil. I coked cheer potatoes, Idaho potato, yams, plantains and green bananas.

I fed the boys their American breakfast and then I sat down to my Grenadian. This dish did not disappoint. The provisions was firm and not overlooked, the codfish had the right amount of salt in it. I wanted to sing the Star spangled banner and the Grenadian anthem all together, but instead I thanked God for the previledge of bring an Amerian. Happy July 4th everyone. Go out and have safe fun.

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