Day off

On this day off from work, I first planted the tomatoes, pepper and beans I purchased yesterday. Yes, yes late as ever, but I finally had my hands in the soil, digging and planting. Later I went to the gym. The reader actually accepted my card. I joined a weight training class even though It had already started. Was totally motivated, the instructor was not a “spring chicken”‘ she kept going with Gaga’music pumping. I headed for the threadmill and walked for 1.2 miles. The older folks should have exited the pool by now. Yes they exited but was replaced by an assorted bunch of middle aged swimmers/ into the pool and did a few laps. Left the gym and the phone rang… Had to pick up my husband. He caught me in mid stride contemplating going to have breakfast at a diner.
Well Venus and Mars did align if only for today, he is hungry too and did not want to go home to be fed, so we went to a cafe for brunch. Back home now and enjoying the sleepy slow afternoon blogging.
Had a dentist appointment, good news, teeth, gums jaw all good. Needed clearance so that my treatment begins. A spot of good news, I’ll take it. Later.

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