MM Sunday

You all know what I do on Sunday. Yes, yes I go to church. There is a cool breeze blowing and just that calm that descends on the burbs on Sunday. With an expectant air and a quick step I am off to church. Seeing the faces that I have grown accustomed to seeing, beautiful smiles and hugs and greetings just add that something special to why I go to church.
We all know that God is everywhere, but as a child, my younger sister confided in me that the rock outside of the cathedral in St.George’s was actually the rock that Jesus referred to… You know. It’s not factual, but if that was comforting to her, I left it alone, just chuckled to yourself. Now that she is gone, I often remember these things very fondly, especially as I head out to church.
I have some pressing things to do today, now listen don’t laugh , but I have to plant my vegetables , I know, but it is better late than never. I am off to Home Depot. You know it, I am feeling great today. Later

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