Day 2

An early riser, up by 5:00 am, praying and meditating.  It’s a great feeling that you are alive, no aches and pains, only the minor feelings like pin pricks on parts of my body.  I have attributed this to nerves.  Had my breakfast and on my way to work.  Feeling blessed, a few dollars in my wallet and a fresh salad and fresh tuna in my lunch bag, I can take on the world.

It is my belief that we are here to live while we are alive, make bold plans, think great thoughts, love always, give of yourself, and above all trust in God.  There is a song by Faith Hill, can’t remember much but somewhere in the lyrics she said… Life is a good cup of coffee, I think she was unto something.  I made that good cup of coffee and my friend Jose bought biscotti… That is life.

Ta Ta, see you again tomorrow, when I learn to upload pictures… The journey continues.



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